Feeling like you’re in love with two different people at the same time can be nerve-wracking. 

For starters, our society tends to instil in people that it’s not even possible, let alone a desirable state to be in. Add in the fact that it often takes the form of some form of cheating, along with the possibility that if either person knew about the other, the whole thing would come crashing down, and you’re likely left with a pretty stressed-out person. 

Do you think you can forgive yourself for being in love with two people @ once?

Does it mean you are simply human?

Does it mean that your current relationship isn’t satisfying?

Could it be that you don’t do intimacy well?

Maybe you don’t know how to negotiate the deeper parts of a relationship, so instead you get distaracted by someone else?

Or is it really a way to avoid intimacy and bonding?

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  1. Ajani Asante says:

    PROVOCATIVE INDEED! We’ve been socially conditioned to frown upon polyamorous relationships and situations. I think to be functionally successful in such a situation one needs to secure in themselves. and unfortunately many of us simply aren’t!


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