We shouldn’t judge the book by the cover. It is a healthy attitude when it comes not only to books but to people, too. But if we have to transfer this metaphor to our expectations about sex, things get a little tricky. Because let’s be honest, nobody wants to be disappointed in bed. The good news is we can spare ourselves the embarrassment and disappointment by reading the signs OUTSIDE the bedroom. So what things gives you clues that he’s bad in bed?

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  1. nubianikigai says:

    Unfortunately, life’s not that easy….and in some ways its a good thing otherwise some folks like myself would die a virgin….lol

    As a kid I was never pick to play on my class soccer team, based on the criteria that I wasn’t tough enough and that I lacked the basic pre-requsite skills. Whatever those were. I wasn’t picked for track either.

    At the base, when we choose our partners, we go for obvious: looks, intelligence, musculature, danse moves, skin colour and skin tone, height, weight, wealth, education, geographic location, ethnic origins, lip size, athletic performance, finger size, all in the quest of finding the idea partner, only to final get in the sack and find out he sucks….or doesn’t…lol….

    I think when we stop searching for clues with the eyes, the answer will suprise us…but then again nature is perfect so I’m grateful as I said before because I think I’d be reliving the whole high school rejection process all over again


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