Why do straight people assume that as gay men that our lives revolve around sex & sex ALONE? How do we get rid of this gay-stereotype?

Newsflash: There’s more to the life of a gay man than sex & our sexuality is not the be-all and end-all. How can it not occur to folks to consider what we do between the sheets isn’t the total sum of who we are? Sure, we wake up horny from time to time  – OK, almost every morning  –  but our days are spent on so many things besides getting off.

So do a lot of gay men, despite what Grindr might lead us to believe. I suspect that for many, Grindr is less about sex and more about boredom and validation anyway.

Perhaps because ‘gay’ is mostly associated with our sexual orientation, sex becomes, for some of us and to many others, the crux of our identities.

Yes, sexual orientation may be the major factor in determining whether someone identifies as gay or straight, but we’re not gay solely because we have sex with men. If we never have sex again, we’ll still be gay. Sexual attraction piques the interest, but connecting with men emotionally is far more important.

That’s what makes us truly gay.

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  1. Alex says:

    Not one thick or plus sized or aged gay man. Wow. Cant talk about inclusion and breaking stereotypes when a segment of the experience is left out


    1. I appreciate your comment but have a look around before casting certain things at me


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