It has happened to me and I am proof that falling in love at first sight doesn’t happen just in rom-coms. It’s not just a lovely fantasy, it’s a real thing and I hope all of you   get to experience the funny sensation deep in the gut known as “butterflies in the stomach” upon meeting someone for the first time. However, myths about gays’ promiscuity undervalue their ability to experience genuine love. But even if that’s the case and some guy is sleeping around it doesn’t mean he is incapable of falling in love with someone he’s just met. Love at first sight is scientifically explained with changes in the brain’s biochemistry, which makes it’s a common, non-discriminatory sensation. 

Do you believe in love @ first sight or would you take a second look?

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  1. Derrick C Trent says:

    They are a very nice looking couple.


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