What’s your favorite thing about being gay?

Is the freedom to be as masculine or feminine as you want?

Is it the sex & the possibility of fucking and being fucked at the same time? 

Is it being able to kiss and hold a guy’s hand and said that I love him?

Is it being a role model for gaybies that are struggling with coming out and need to see positive gay couples walking around to give them courage?

What about you, what’s your favorite thing about being gay?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Derrick C Trent says:

    He is so sexy


  2. Christopher says:

    My name is Christopher I’m 52 I’m gay and I like to have fun go out explore the world walk on the beach good loving is lead loving cuddle up walk it with hand-in-hand and I just love men I love having sex I love kissing I love having good warm I’ve been good warm conditional sex but I am gay and I’m proud of it


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