I am absolutely mortified. Here’s the situation: During the heavy days of quarantine last year, I started a job. Naturally, we did everything fully remotely and I never met any of my coworkers in person… until recently. 

Well, for months there was this one woman who sorta became my defacto Slack chat buddy. We’re seemed to get along great during Zoom meetings and shared a mutual ironic detachment toward the nature of the work itself. Well, fast forward to last weekend. Our entire small team has been fully vaccinated and our manager threw a little work better at a local bar. Perhaps it was just because I’ve been so socially deprived for the last year, but the get-together became abnormally lively for something office-related. She and left early to get drinks elsewhere, and well… long story short, I guess I flirted with Suzy because now she’s spamming my phone with heart emojis and wants to plan our next date. Needless to say I am about as gay as they come and have zero sexual attraction to this woman. How can I let her down tactfully, knowing that I’ll probably continue having daily Zoom calls with her. Or maybe it’s just time to find a new job?

Have you ever had to deal with this?

What are your thoughts?

What advice would you give this person?

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