So how do you know someone is love-bombing you? As your new relationship continues, you’ll start to notice an increase in intensity and unease.

Here are some ways you might have been love-bombed:

1. You’ll get tons of gifts.

A common sign is when someone showers you with gifts and tries to win your affection by presenting you with tempting items.

This can also involve over-the-top gifts that are so outrageous they make you feel uncomfortable (plane tickets, expensive jewelry, etc.). It can even come to the point where this person is buying you items that are so outlandishly expensive even if you’ve attempted to refuse them.

If you feel obligated to take a gift from someone who is forcing it on you, that is love-bombing.

Gift-giving is a form of manipulation that could make them think you owe them something down the road after they showed you their generosity.

2. You’ll get texts and phone calls non-stop.

If you can’t seem to get a moment alone with yourself without your phone ringing off the hook or getting consecutive dings from text notifications, you’re being love-bombed.

The constant “where are you” and “what are you doing” consistently sent each and every hour is a clear warning sign.

Having regular correspondence when you first start dating is one thing, but when it becomes one-sided and overwhelming texts and calls, it’s a huge red flag.

Such behavior like this can feel like you are being claimed or possessed like an object.

3. You’ll be complimented immediately and intensely.

You’ll probably hear things like these right out the gate:

“I have never felt like this with anyone before.”

“I love everything about you.”

“You are unlike anyone I’ve ever met before.”

While phrases like this are definitely a good thing in a healthy relationship built on trust, mutual respect, and deep love for each other, if they are happening early on in a relationship while you’re still getting to know a person, this is also a red flag.

4. You’ll hear things like “we are destined to be together.”

Now, there are exceptions to the rule, of course, but not everyone is your soulmate, although an endorphin rush may tell you differently. But if someone is spending a lot of time upfront trying to convince you you’re their soulmate, this is a telltale sign of love-bombing.

You might hear them spit common phrases like:

“We’re soulmates.”

“This thing between us, it’s fate.”

“We must have loved each other in a past life.”

“You understand me better than anyone.”

Like I said before, if you have been dating a while and you feel this way, chances are pretty good that it’s healthy and real. Some people may even know right away, but that feeling has to be mutual.

If comments like this are coming at you and they are one-sided, it’s reason to be concerned.

5. You’ll face quick demands for commitment.

If they are pushing for immediate commitment, undivided attention, or pressuring you into moving too fast too soon, this is a huge indicator that you are being love-bombed.

You might notice this type of love-bombing when plans for the future are being made far before you’ve really gotten to know each other. This can also happen if this person is asking you to move in with them rather quickly.

Anyone who wants you to give too much of yourself over rather quickly is making attempts to manipulate you into getting what they want.

6. You’ll set boundaries and they’ll get defensive, upset, or try and convince you to let your guard down.

If someone gets immediately defensive or angry the moment you try and set clear boundaries, run.

Anyone who throws a temper tantrum because you aren’t giving them what they want is clearly not supposed to be in your life.

In their effort to get what they want, they will try to do and say whatever they must to get you to change your mind about that boundary you just set.

They will try and sweet talk you out of your boundaries by saying things like:

“I thought we had a connection.”

“I thought you liked/loved me.”

“I must not be important to you anymore.”

7. You feel they are overwhelming, needy, or intense.

If their overall presence, attitude, or behaviors are coming on too strong and starting to make you feel uncomfortable, time to let them go.

Love is not supposed to make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

If you are constantly having to drop your friends, rearrange plans, and do anything that accommodates a person’s insecurities or needs exclusively, you are being love-bombed.


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  1. I really don’t feel love bombed but this guy I have known for about two years has been buying me expensive gifts, But I’m ready to go to the next level to show my thanks to him for whatever he has done,but he gives me signs that he wants to but just won’t react on his feelings

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you really want things to go to the next level then have that conversation 👍🏽


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