“‘How are you?’ has always been an overwhelming question for many, usually we don’t know the answer to… or give too abstract of an answer… like how am I how?”

We more often than not default to ‘I’m alive’… because that’s the only thing that feels true… especially in the past two years… this question has been floating around so much… and it feels heavier each time it’s asked. I wonder how much we have kept inside when we answer “how are you?” talking to a friend on the phone… a neighbor on a walk… our families… Maybe we can check in on our people a little more intentionally… dig a little deeper, and practice vulnerability a bit more often.

How many times in a day, on average, does someone ask you “how are you?” Regardless of the different meanings behind the simple question, the answer is usually the same… “I’m good.” Or no response at all beyond a smile and a nod. Just like “how are you?” it’s a way to acknowledge the person, or group of people, near you, and keep it moving.

We can all agree being checked in with is nice, right?

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