As it is Pride month, what exactly does your queerness mean to you?

Does it mean being comfortable with whom you are and exuding that wherever you go and in whatever you do?

Does it mean knowing who you are, standing up for what is right in your heart, and taking strength in humor for life’s most difficult challenges?

Does it mean accepting who you are and being proud of all you stand for?

Regardless of what you believe or think, nobody should be able to make you feel ashamed of who you are or what you stand for because is your way of saying to the world, “this is who I am and I’m proud of it.”

Your queerness should be a daily thing (and sometimes moment-to-moment) battle against comparison. So stop comparing yourself with others and to choose to love you for you is one of the most difficult and most epically important things you can do in this life. Be proud of you!

This month define your sexuality and don’t be afraid to share it. Not in a way where it is in everyone’s face, but more so that one is not ashamed to express it towards those who don’t understand or don’t want to understand.

Your queerness is still a celebration and don’t lose sight of the recognition that it is also about resistance. Let your queerness shine bring with color and fun, while still reflecting and continuously educating participants on the issues at hand, progressing forward in the face of continual hatred, judgment, ignorance and bigotry and how we can lend ourselves to those causes.

As LGBTQ people around the world, we have to continue to fight for livelihood and equal rights for our queerness demands it of us.

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