Say it isn’t so! Are gay men prone to stay in unhealthy relationships out of a lack of options? Do we not even consider whether the grass is greener — because we think some grass is better than none?

It’s scary going into an unknown future when you know for certain that the amount of people you can date is so small. Do you guys think that we tend to stick to relationships or stay in bad ones longer than straight people because of this?

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  1. nubianikigai says:

    Before I begin commenting I must highlight the unfairness of this question due to the extreme violence and negativity it portrays.

    I see this question coming off the back of the continuous stigmatisation and backlash we receive as gay men.

    Firstly: Are gay men more prone….? Of course we are, to begin wth its a smaller pool so any type of polling or sampling would be to our disadvantage.

    Second: This questionsin and of itself undermines the determination and effort that a lot of gay men put into making their relationships work. Not to mention the sacrifice, which is not mentioned at all, if I may say so.

    People in general stay in ‘toxic’ relationships for whatever reason- kids, fear, stability, money, sex, status- you name it.

    Gay men, like any other type of men, or straight people do it for the same reasons, but of course when it comes to being gay its seems to be a whole lot more dramatic, for some reason.

    I see this question as another type of gay bashing, and I speak for myself when I say that its difficult to accept oneself without having to always be singled out and blamed for everything from the destruction of the family, to the destruction of society’s moral fiber, and global warming.

    Gay relations are as beautiful and as diverse as the colors of the rainbow, be they positive or negative.


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    1. I like asking questions like this to get ppl to see beyond the question itself and REALLY think about what is being asked

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