What is a fashion statement if it’s not bold and daring? The harness has been making its way up from the dungeon and onto the street. Most amazing is that a harness goes with just about anything, from a plain, white T to a bare chest.

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  1. nubianikigai says:

    To HARNESS or not to HARNESS , that’s the big question. True that the harness has been making its way into gay mainstream

    But as I was taking a stroll on another social media platform, the question was asked…How much bold is bold and where do we draw the line in being bare…

    I sometimes get confused myself, so I didn’t even partake in the debate as there wasn’t much need for one.

    On the one hand, we have naked bike tours, but then people get freaked out or make an issue during gay pride when men walk around in harnesses and jock straps, stating the need to protect the children and questioning the link with bare and pride,

    There’s also debate in the gay community as to whether or not fetish wear should be worn in pride parades, I remember the issue being brought up in an earlier article….

    So here’s the thing, is a harness fetish wear or not, should it stay in the dungeon or allowed to see the light of day, see the streets or remain in the closet… by rocking the harness, am I making a bold fashion statement or just being a vane exhibitionist.

    I think as long as we live in this ultra conservative society, rocking a harness will be perceived as being sexually provocative, despite how innocent the intentions maybe.

    SO yes!…I’m pro Harness in public!


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    1. I’m with you here 📍


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